A Field Trip to Perth Pork Products with Fred de Martines

It was a glorious late summer’s day. Seven adults and 2 toddlers loaded into vehicles to take a short jaunt over to a local pig farm. It is not often that you get to tour a pork farm, which is exactly why this was going to be a unique Field Trip, our first in a series exploring our region’s food system.  

When we arrived, we were happily greeted by Fred de Martines, the patriarch of the whole operation. Fred opened up a thoughtful discussion on the history and the story behind Perth Pork Products. It was clear right from the beginning that he has a strong passion for humanely raising strong, healthy animals and for the people who consume them. From the expansive farmland that his sows get to graze on, to the open-concept barn with a viewing room, the sights and the discussion were vibrant and engaging the entire time we were there. The adults had lots of questions for Fred, who was happy to answer them all while the children played like little piglets in the puddles. Everyone came away with a little more knowledge about pig farming and the local food scene in general. The tour definitely did not disappoint! 

Here is what their website describes for the tour:

One of the most rewarding experiences for us at Perth Pork Products Ltd. is taking time out for visitors who would like to visit our farm, ask questions, meet the pigs and see just exactly how we approach the breeding and raising of healthy animals. From the echoing crunch of Wild Boar’s munching on walnuts (of which the collection and organization was started by our late friend Linda Walton.), to viewing regular pigs in a modern barn environment, we welcome visitors to give us a call and plan your next farm visit.

Farm Tours Take Approx 1.5 hours where you will see:
– A full walking tour of our farm as we explore and talk about our fields.
– Stand in our viewing room and look through clear windows into our regular pig barn.
– Visit the Tamworth and Berkshire, and learn about these pigs
– Head off to the bush and meet the Wild Boar, Stone Age, and Iron Age Pigs
– Walk through our fields and crops and learn about feeding and keeping pigs healthy 

Find out more, or book your own tour here: https://www.perthporkproducts.com/view.php?public/Farm_Tour