Erie Meats


Recently we (Steve, Liz and I) had the good fortune of being invited to Erie Meats in Listowel by their Director of Business Management, Bernia Wheaton. We were all impressed not only by their forward thinking and stringent policies regarding food safety, but also by the fact that they use Ontario raised turkey in their products and were selling 100% Canadian beef in their retail store. We even noticed a section in their fridges dedicated to Perth County’s own Perth Pork Products!

Since their plant used to be owned by Campbell’s, we also inquired whether or not any cooking equipment might be available for sale… to which they replied that they indeed had some used steam kettles – but they were 200 gallons each! Yikes! A bit big for our needs! Our tour ended with a discussion around the potential and logistics of getting a steady supply of donations, to which their only concern was “can you take whole pallets of product?” Grinning from ear to ear we said “Of course!” We came away from our field trip happy to have begun this relationship with a local processor like Erie Meats, and we look forward to being able to supply our area’s food banks, not-for-profits, and community meals with these vital protein sources.