P1000952How is the community at The Local celebrating Christmas this year?

Monday night, Jordan and our incredible team of volunteers will be making and serving up a fabulous Community Meal with all the trimmings, EPIC member and photographer Carolyn is offering family and friend portraits, Bruce will lead us in some Christmas carols, and we’ll have our monthly EPIC Movie Night featuring The Muppet Christmas Carol (you didn’t forget about the social justice themes in that story did you?).

We also have this tree… Members of the community are offering up gifts that Community Meal participants can choose from on Monday night. There is a great variety of things to choose from including home made meals and treats, cooking classes, a haircut, rides to and from appointments, a personalized knitted scarf, an offer to organize your space, and even meals in people’s homes. It’s something that the entire community can contribute to regardless of their financial situation and it emphasizes the spirit of the season by recognizing that everyone has something to offer. It’s incredibly heart warming to see people coming together as a community. (Click the photo to enlarge.)


We also asked what people wanted for Christmas this year. We generated about 40 EPIC Letters to Santa that are to be delivered to Steven Harper’s stocking this Christmas. There was a huge variety of requests but some of the common themes that emerged were: enough money for all people to live in health and dignity (i.e. pay rent and buy their own food and clothing), affordable housing, better train service to Stratford, clean water for all, fair trade, respect for the environment and indigenous rights, no more discrimination for the poor, the elimination of homophobia and hate crimes, and the classic… world peace. Click on the photos below to read some of the letters. What are you asking for this year?

Merry Christmas from all of us here at The Local… and don’t forget to be EPIC!

Elizabeth Anderson
Community Action Coordinator