One of the biggest challenges that’s always faced not-for-profits and charities working on food issues and beyond is: How do we share all of our stories?

Fortunately, there has never been a better time than right now for people with good stories to tell!

Social Media channels like Facebook and Twitter are ideal for keeping the people who are interested in our programs and issues completely in the loop. And the ascension of blogging has provided perhaps the best medium ever for communicating all of the great stories that come out of an exciting project like ours!

We are already striving to maximize our use of Social Media to spread the word about The Local Community Food Centre. Our intrepid Marketing Coordinator John Matthews has been lighting up the Twittersphere and Facebook feeds already with lots of information about our plans, programs, and other information relevant to Community Food Centres and the Stratford scene. Please follow us on Twitter and “Like” our Facebook page to get involved in the online dialogues that are being created around The Local Community Food Centre.

But as a seasoned blogger myself (I’ve been posting my multimedia adventures-in-food for nearly two years as Stratford’s official food blogger The Local Come Lately) what I think I’m most excited about is this website. You may have noticed that while there is lots of information describing our Programs, the Community Food Centre Concept, and other important areas such as Events, The Local Community Food Centre’s site also provides the opportunity for all of our staff to blog about their respective program areas. Our Food Distribution Centre Coordinator will be posting about his experiences working with the local food and non-profit communities as he strives to create a connection between them, enhancing access to healthy (and as much as possible local and sustainably produced!) food via donations and strategic purchases. Our Community Action/Advocacy/Volunteer Coordinator will be blogging about their important work fighting poverty and hunger in our community alongside our clients. Our Food Skills Coordinator will have all sorts of great pics and instructional videos from our community gardens and community kitchen. And our Chef will blog about the healthy dishes they’ve created for our drop-in meals programs. I will be telling the bigger picture stories of The Local Community Food Centre’s progress and success as we lead the way towards the establishment of community food centres like ours all across Canada!

So stay tuned, because we’re going to be telling our stories all the time right here!