A field trip to Perth Pork Products.

Food is not just nourishment; it is a celebration of culture, heritage, and the bond that ties communities together. At The Local Community Food Centre, we take great pride in promoting Canadian-grown produce and celebrating our nation’s rich and diverse food culture not just on Food Day Canada, but every day. As we join Food Day Canada celebrations from coast to coast to coast, we pledge to continue to incorporate locally sourced ingredients into our daily operations, making sustainable and health-conscious choices for our community.

What is Food Day Canada? Food Day Canada is an annual celebration of Canadian cuisine that honours our farmers, fishers, chefs, and everyone involved in the food supply chain. It was established in 2003 as the “World’s Longest Barbecue” to support Canada’s beef farmers and ranchers during the “mad cow” crisis. Over the years, it has evolved into a national event, showcasing the unique flavours and bounty of our country’s agricultural and culinary landscape. This day aims to promote Canadian food and culture, emphasizing the importance of food sovereignty, security, and sustainability.

Perth-Wellington MP John Nater’s Role on Parliament Hill: MP John Nater has been an ardent supporter of Food Day Canada and played a vital role in securing official recognition for this special day on Parliament Hill. He sponsored Bill S-227, also known as the Food Day in Canada Act, in the House of Commons, which received unanimous support from all Members of Parliament. This landmark legislation gives Food Day Canada official recognition by the Government of Canada, honouring the legacy of the late Anita Stewart, a passionate advocate for agriculture and food in Canada.

The Local Community Food Centre’s Food Day Canada Pledge:

The Local Community Food Centre is committed to showcasing and promoting Canadian-grown produce not just on special occasions like Food Day Canada but every day throughout our community meals, kitchen skills programs, and produce markets. We understand the importance of supporting local farmers, fostering sustainable agriculture, and providing fresh, nutritious food to the community.

  • Community Meals: In our community meals, The Local will prioritize using Canadian-grown produce as the foundation of our menus. We will work closely with local farmers and suppliers to source a diverse range of seasonal fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. By highlighting local ingredients, we aim to not only celebrate the unique flavours of Canada but also reduce the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.
  • Kitchen Skills Programs: The Local will integrate Canadian-grown produce into our kitchen skills programs. Participants will learn various cooking techniques and recipes that showcase the abundance of local ingredients available year-round. These programs will emphasize the value of supporting local farmers and the positive impact on the community’s health and economy.
  • Produce Markets: The Local will host regular produce markets that feature almost exclusively Canadian-grown produce. These markets will be accessible to the public, allowing community members to purchase fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. By providing a platform for farmers to sell their produce, The Local supports local businesses and helps strengthen regional food systems.
  • Collaboration with Local Farmers: The Local will build strong relationships with nearby farmers and agricultural producers paying them a fair price in a timely manner. Through direct partnerships, we can ensure a steady supply of fresh, high-quality produce for our community programs and markets. Additionally, these collaborations may involve educational workshops and events that connect farmers with the community, fostering a deeper understanding of where our food comes from.
  • Educational Initiatives: The Local will engage in educational initiatives that promote Canadian agriculture and sustainable farming practices. We may organize workshops, seminars, or presentations on topics like organic farming, regenerative agriculture, and the benefits of buying local produce. These educational efforts will empower the community to make informed choices and appreciate the value of locally-grown foods.
  • Supporting Food Security: By prioritizing Canadian-grown produce, The Local also contributes to food security within the community. A strong local food system helps reduce reliance on distant sources of food, making the community more resilient to potential disruptions in supply chains.
  • Seasonal Menus and Culinary Creativity: Embracing Canadian-grown produce year-round means adapting menus and culinary offerings to reflect the changing seasons. This emphasis on seasonality encourages culinary creativity and a deeper connection to the land, as each season brings its own unique ingredients and dishes.

Overall, The Local Community Food Centre’s commitment to featuring Canadian-grown produce in our everyday operations ensures a positive impact on the environment, local farmers, and the well-being of the community. By fostering a culture of appreciation for local ingredients, we hope to inspire individuals to make sustainable and health-conscious choices, benefiting both themselves and the larger ecosystem.

As we celebrate Food Day Canada on August 5th, we invite everyone to join us in honouring our farmers, chefs, and all those who contribute to the richness of Canadian cuisine. At The Local Community Food Centre, our pledge to incorporate Canadian-grown produce into our daily operations stands as a testament to our commitment to a sustainable, healthy, and thriving community. Let’s come together and celebrate the delicious flavours of Canada, supporting our local farmers and enriching our culinary heritage for generations to come!