The Storehouse sources, stores and distributes mostly local, mostly fresh, always healthy food to 65+ community organizations in Stratford/Perth who feed those in need. This includes the food banks, shelters, school nutrition programs, and church meal programs, amongst others. Each year, we source and distribute hundreds of thousands of pounds of wonderful food—what this means is that many more people in our community get to benefit from increased access to healthy and fresh food!

Much of the food we source is generously donated from producers in our area, which we pass along for free to our community partners. We also purchase food in bulk, and provide to our partner organization at the exact same wholesale costs we pay.

If you would like to donate produce to our Storehouse, or if your not-for-profit food program would like to access the Storehouse products, please contact Jenn at or call 519-508-3663 extension 1.