This was a clear favourite from our Community Kitchen class on warm salads and that surprised me.  I find people often have an aversion to eggplant.  I think that’s because because in part of the myth that they are bitter and the fact that if they are under-cooked, they can be a bit spongy.  If you slice the eggplant into wide slabs, about 1/4 inch thick, it will grill up very quickly and cook through to be nice and tender.  The vegetables take on a meaty flavour from the grill which makes this salad a bit more substantial.  This is the sort of thing I like to make on the weekend so I’ll have leftovers on hand through the week.  The veggies will improve for a few days as they marinate and you can bulk the meal up with some hummus, boiled eggs, lentils, cheese, or anything else you have on hand to make a quick lunch.


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