garden skills programming provides our community with more control over our collective food envirionment


Garden skills programs provide people with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to grow, cook, and choose healthy food for themselves and their families. Through hands-on experience and the support of a community, people are empowered to take control of their health and nutrition and make lasting, sustainable changes in their diets. 77% of people surveyed say they’ve made healthy changes to their diets since they started coming to programs.


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A Growing Family is an opportunity for families of all configurations to get together and learn to grow food. Held on the grounds of The Local Community Food Center, we will be working in the greenhouse and our backyard planters. Lessons will include, starting vegetable plants from seed, soil health, composting, some fun veggie recipes, and a lesson in First Nations agriculture.

Contact our Garden Educator, Lucas Tingle, at or 519-508-3663 ext 1002 for more information or to register!

Senior’s Green Team

9:30am – 11am
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Start your morning getting your hands dirty in the greenhouse. Stay for Senior’s Lunch.

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Learn about composting and food skills regarding food waste.

Contact our Garden Educator, Lucas Tingle, at or 519-508-3663 ext 1002 for more information or to register!


These programs provide opportunities for people to grow food for themselves and for other Community Food Centre programs. Garden programs offer something for everyone — a chance to develop skills, to exercise, to access healthy food, and to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. All of these benefits combined can have a positive effect on mental well-being. 56% of those surveyed have noticed improvements in their mental health as a result of their Community Food Centre.

“There’s so much I’ve learned from different programs. Doing something different. Trying foods I’d never tried because I didn’t know how to cook them or what they tasted like.”

A Community Member • The Local CFC, Stratford