meet the team

Debra Swan (she/her)
Debra Swan (she/her)Executive Director
519-508-3663 ext 1008
Heather Allen (she/her)
Heather Allen (she/her)Manager of Finance & Systems
519-508-3663 ext 1008
Derek Barnes (he/him)
Derek Barnes (he/him)Community Engagement Facilitator
519-508-3663 ext 1004
Jenn Parsons (she/her)
Jenn Parsons (she/her)Manager of Food Logistics
519-508-3663 ext 1002
Lucas Tingle (he/him)
Lucas Tingle (he/him)Garden Educator
519-508-3663 ext 1002
Matthew Maynard (he/him)
Matthew Maynard (he/him)Community Connector
519-508-3663 ext 1005
Sarah Pike (she/her)
Sarah Pike (she/her)Food Skills Educator
Erin Innis (she/them)
Erin Innis (she/them)Community Chef
Cole Horn (he/him)
Cole Horn (he/him)Community Chef
Chris Schroer (he/him)
Chris Schroer (he/him)Volunteer Support Facilitator
Jim Ward (he/him)
Jim Ward (he/him)Custodian
Jan Saul (she/her)
Jan Saul (she/her)Administrative Assistant
519-508-3663 ext 1007

our board of directors

Gary Wreford
Gary WrefordChair
Katie DeBlock Boersma
Katie DeBlock BoersmaVice Chair | Governance Chair
Lisa LiebrockSecretary
Gerry Thuss
Gerry Thuss Treasurer
Ann WattDirector
Miriam Mann
Miriam MannDirector
Brent Shackleton
Brent ShackletonDirector
Dan Rajagopalan
Dan RajagopalanDirector
Laura Clark
Laura ClarkDirector
Katelyn Culliton (she/her)
Katelyn Culliton (she/her)Director
Tim Elliott (he/him)
Tim Elliott (he/him)Director

As some of our Board Members’ terms come to an end, The Local is looking for new volunteers to join the Board of Directors!

The Local Community Food Centre is currently recruiting three (3) Directors. We are particularly interested in hearing from individuals with experience in the not for profit sector.

The Local Community Food Centre invites applications from individuals who enjoy working collaboratively as a team, and who support the vision of the Local. We are also interested in receiving applications from individuals with who can bring a lived experience lens to the board.  Knowledge and expertise with issues and systems that contribute to food insecurity would provide the board with a valuable perspective.

Other specific skills that would benefit the board are experiences in fund raising, governance and strategic planning.

The Local is strongly committed to equity and inclusion. We especially welcome applications from members of racialized groups, Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities and others with the skills and knowledge to productively engage with our community. We are committed to achieving full accessibility for persons with disabilities by arranging for any necessary accommodations.

Individuals interested in pursuing this volunteer opportunity are encouraged to contact Katie DeBlock Boersma at or 226-921-1578 to obtain further information and an application.

Application Deadline: February 25, 2022.