Even though the Local Community Food Centre’s Food Distribution Centre (soon to be known as the “612 Storehouse”) is still under construction it’s not stopping us from forging ahead with our goal of providing healthy food to people who really need it! Recently we teamed up with the Perth District Health Unit to apply for a National Child Benefit grant to support a program called “Healthy Babies, Healthy Children”. The goal of this program is to enhance the nutritional status of pregnant women and families with children that may be experiencing economic hardship. Basically we want to ensure that every child gets a good healthy start in life and recently we got the good news that we were successful in getting the funds! As a starting point we’ve taken some of the money and invested it in gift cards from Perth County grocers so families have some extra room in their home budget to purchase fresh, healthy food. Once the Storehouse is operational however we will take the remaining funds and begin doing some strategic purchasing of locally grown produce which will be sorted and packed by our awesome volunteers* and then will be distributed by the hard working Public Health Nurses at the PDHU during their home visits. I have to say: It’s a great feeling to finally get things going!

*Speaking of volunteers, if you want to volunteer for any of our programs drop a line to our Community Action Coordinator, Liz Anderson at