Volunteers PlantingCould there be a better way to celebrate Earth Day than to plant something?

At our greenhouse,  some 60-plus trays of seeds were planted by Garden Advisory Committee volunteers for our outdoor beds.

Hamlet Gardens was kind enough to donate the seed starter trays, 12×7 cells that are designed to hold individual seeds. Anything Grows generously donated all sorts of seeds for our community veggie gardens, and our enthusiastic volunteers gave of their time, which required filling the trays with soil, planting individual seeds (over 5000!), then watering the future plants.

We now have vegetable and herb plantings that range from beans to zucchinis to greens to tomatoes to basil.  However, that’s not the end of our planting plans: we’re also going to be starting some vines, companion flowers and all kinds of  heirloom vegetables for the Savour Stratford heritage gardens. Keep an eye out on this site and on our Facebook page for our next volunteer opportunity: helping to build our raised beds!