We’ve had a few requests to share our recipe for veggie burgers which is great, except we’ve never had an actual recipe.  We do make them pretty often.  Vegetable patties are a great, not just as a sandwich but to add texture protein to salads and other vegetarian dishes.  Usually they come together with whatever we have on hand but always include some crushed beans, cooked grains, and mushrooms.  The beans and grains bind everything together while the mushrooms give the burgers a deep earthy flavour but also keep them from drying out.  Mushrooms act like tiny sponges, soaking up the juices from other veggies and holding on to them so when you add them to a veggie burger, or a meaty burger for that matter, they tend to keep a bit more juice in the mix when they cooked.  I’ve drawn up this recipe to give you a guideline for making your own burgers but feel free to mix it up.  When it comes to shaping, if the mix feels too dry to hold together, add some more beans to bind it or a bit of egg.  If it seems to wet, add some more grains or some breadcrumbs to dry it up.  Otherwise, flavour as you like with herbs, or add it some spices like paprika, cumin, coriander, or curry powder.


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