Bernardin Bag

On Tuesday June 18 2013 the weekly Community Kitchen session our Chef Jordan hosts had a very special guest presenter: Chef Emerie Brine from Bernardin! Bernardin recently came on board as a national sponsor for Community Food Centres Canada (The Local is a pilot leading the way towards CFCC’s goal of establishing fifteen food centres across the country by 2017!). In addition to some event and fundraising support Bernardin is also providing some cross-country training for how to use their products – which are becoming more and more popular as more people get into canning, pickling and preserving!

Bernardin Chef Emerie Brine

Chef Emerie travels all over the place sharing techniques for canning and preserving with Bernardin products.

Bernardin Canning Demo LCFC

We had a full house of folks interested in learning how to can seasonal produce properly and safely.

Chef Emerie Brine Strawberry Jam

Chef requested a flat of local strawberries for his session, and demonstrated several techniques for creating strawberry jam (including one that was low in sugar!). 

The evening was as entertaining as it was informative. Here is a video from the session:


After the strawberry demonstration Chef Emerie answered all sorts of questions about how to can, pickle and preserve produce with safety and confidence.

Strawberry Jam tasting LCFC

Then of course everyone tried the yummy strawberry jams that had just been prepared before their eyes! Then there was a bit of a surprise for the folks who attended…

Bernardin Home Canning Kit

Everyone who came out got their own personal canning kit to take home with them!

Big thanks to Chef Emerie, Bernardin, Community Food Centres Canada, and everyone who participated in this fun and educational evening. If anyone wants to participate in Chef Jordan’s weekly Community Kitchen sessions please reserve a space by e mailing We are also going to be sporadically hosting some pickling and canning bees in our community kitchen when produce like berries, tomatoes and cucumbers are in season. E mail to get on the invitation list for those.